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One of my friend lives in Sedona. She showed me through her posts how beautiful Sedona is. So, although at first Sedona was not on my big list, I manage to have 2 days for Sedona, this include travel from and to Las Vegas, Next time I should find flight from Phoenix (Phoenix to Sedona is only 2 h while Las Vegas to Sedona is 4h 45 min).

Map Las Vegas to Sedona

Early morning me and my husband start driving from Las Vegas and arrive in Sedona around noon. We passed Coconico National Forest, where they have road construction. So the travel is a little bit slow, but still faster than the other route.

The first stop in Sedona is the slide rock. It located on our way to Sedona city, right beside the main road. We stop a little bit before the main gate and stroll along the road as many people do. Next time I will make sure to bring the tube with me. The place is nice for sliding in river but I saw many people even using this place as jumping spot. There are several option: for some smaller kid, they jump from not that high rock, and for the dare devil teen, they really jump from just under the bridge. It is really high.

Then we continue driving to Oak Creek Vista. There is a trail leading to a creek. It start from under the bridge. The trail is rough but manageable.

Then we drove further to the Sedona city. The view along the was is beautiful. As long as the eye stretch, the line of beautiful red rocks make you amazed.

Sedona is a small town but they have what so called “uptown” where the shops and restaurant flocking. My friend open a Balinese art shop at Hyatt Pinon Pointe Shops. Come and visit her shop if you need some Balinese art.

The best spot to see all these beautiful rocks is from the top of mountain. There is an overlook from Sedona airport, but you have to pay for it. So we decided to just go to the airport direction and try to get some view from nearby place. And we are right. There is beautiful spot right before the airport and high enough that we can enjoy those rocks and Sedona city. It require a little bit hike up, not that much and its really worth it. Even small little kid can hike this place. This is the best spot in Sedona. We were there during sunset and we could not get over it until now.  It such a beautiful place.

Our hotel has a view of the bell rock. So early in the morning, we wake up and ready to hike. However, due to time limitation, we have to get back to Vegas to catch a flight at 4, we could not hike. But we saw all those rocks from near distance, so we are happy about that. Next time, for sure we will allocate enough time in Sedona, therefore we can hike here. Here is the map for Sedona shows where each rock located

Sedona map, Arizona

There are many rocks that they name it based on how they look.

Here is Bell rock,

Cathedral rock,

Courthouse Butte rock

teapot rock and other rocks which I could not recognize the name

There is also unique church (Chapel of the Holly Cross) that was built just in between those red rocks.

Based on my local source, we went to red rock crossing to catch the mirror of cathedral rock on the creek. The parking fee is $10 in red rock crossing, but if you go to the other side of creek, its free, you just have to cross the river to get good spot for picture. I think if there was a rain the day before, the whole creek should be filled with water and we should be able to see the reflection of cathedral rock from the other side of red rock crossing.

Sadly, need to go back to Vegas. Wish I can come back another time.

(memory of July 2017)

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