Luxembourg is one of the small country in Europe, located in between Belgium, France, and Germany, however  it is also one of the wealthiest country in Europe.

Luxembourg map in Europe Luxemburg map

The country is small with area of 2586 square km (998 sq mi) and population of 524853 (wikipedia). The capital of this country is Luxembourg city. Luxembourg is easily accesible via car or train from any part of Europe, especially from Belgium, France, and Germany. One can do one day trip to Luxembourg as the city itself is not that big. I went from Brussels (Belgium) to Luxembourg with train, which took about 3h.

Luxembourg is kind of hilly place and connected with so many tall bridges. Therefore, Luxembourg is known for its bridges.One of the bridges is the Adolphe bridge, which was built between 1900 and 1903, is one of Luxembourg main tourist attraction. This Adolphe bridge also known as new bridge. From Adolphe bridge, you can see down the Petrussa valley, the Notre Dame Cathedral and Gëlle Fra from far.

Adolph bridge, Luxembourg View from Adolph bridge, Luxembourg Luxembourg landscape with Petrussa valley, Notre Dame Cathedral.

Another bridge is the Schloss brücke (Pont du Château, the castle bridge), which was built in 1735.

Schloss bridge, Luxembourg Schloss bridge, Luxembourg

Then the Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge, which is known as Red bridge due to its red painting of the bridge, built between 1962-1965.

Luxembourg Red bridge - Pont Grande Duchesse Charlotte Luxembourg Red bridge - Pont Grande Duchesse Charlotte

Bridge for the rail system

Luxembourg bridge Luxembourg bridge

Another view of the bridge

Luxembourg bridge Luxembourg bridge Luxembourg bridge

Beautiful view of Luxembourg landscape

Another view of bridge from Adolph bridge, Luxembourg Luxembourg landscape

Luxembourg landscape Luxembourg river

Not only the bridge, but the old quarters and fortification is one of the must see places in Luxembourg. The fort build in the valley with beautiful architecture was recognized and registered as Unesco World Heritage.

Luxembourg Unesco World heritage site Luxembourg Unesco World heritage site Luxembourg landscape Luxembourg landscape Luxembourg landscape Luxembourg landscape Luxembourg landscape Luxembourg landscape Luxembourg landscape Luxembourg landscape Luxembourg landscape Luxembourg landscape

The city is cozy and not that crowded

Luxembourg city Luxembourg city Luxembourg city Luxembourg building Luxembourg building Luxembourg street

Inside, in the middle of thecity, there is Grand-Ducal Palace, the town residence of the Grand Duke.

Grand-Ducal Palace, Luxembourg

and also the Ministry for the Presidency, Luxembourg.

Ministry for the Presidency, Luxembourg Ministry for the Presidency, Luxembourg

and house for one of the Arcelor Mittal, the multinational steel company, whose owner is one of the richest man in the world.

Luxembourg building of Arcelor Mittal Luxembourg street

Another place to visit is the Notre Dame Cathedral. It has a Gothic structure which was built in 1613.

Notre Dame Cathedral, Luxembourg church Notre Dame Cathedral, Luxembourg Notre Dame Cathedral, Luxembourg

If you would like to just sit and relax, there is a special train that can take you around.

Luxembourg tourism train  Luxembourg tourism train

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