During my first trip to Switzerland (Swiss), I and 2 other friends did a cross country trip, starting from Zurich to Luzern, then we went to Engelberg (Mountain of Angel), the highest point of Switzerland, where I had my first snow mountain experience. The trip continued to Bern, Lausanne, and ended up in Geneva.

Switzerland map Switzerland map

Cities I’ve visited in Switzerland:

Must Know (different than most European countries)

  • Although Switzerland is part of the Schengen, but Euro is not used here. The currency used in Switzerland is CHF (Swiss Franc) which is 1 CHF is around 0.8 €.

CHF Money, Swiss currency

  • There is no Switzerland/Swiss language! The language they speak is mostly German, some area speak French, and very tiny area speak Italian. Note that those countries: Germany, France, and Italy are the border country of Switzerland.

Switzerland is called in different name. Of course, they have so many languanges spoken in one country. In German its called Schweiz, in French its called Suisse, in Italian its called Svizzera. Switzerland is officialy a Swiss Confederation. In latin Confoederatio Helvetica (CH). That is why the currency used is CH Franch = CHF.

Getting Around

As I am very much dependent on public transportation, I prefer to use train instead of bus (for city to city trip). The train system in Switzerland is very convenient, although it is kind of expensive. The rail system in Switzerland is called Swiss Federal Railway (SBB in German stand for Schweizerische BundesBahnen). Other option is to take the Swiss Pass which have several option from 4, 8, 15, and 22 days into 1 month. For example 4 days Swiss pass cost you 227 Euro and 8 days for 328 €. With this pass you can travel unlimited by rail, road, and waterway and also free admission to a lot of museums. However, if you do not spend your time a lot in museum and you want to have more flexible time, the individual ticket using SBB is more cheap. For example for route: Zurich-Luzern-Engelberg-Luzern-Bern-Lausanne-Geneva-Basel-Zurich, you will spend around 251 CHF (about 201.28 €). With this you can stay overnight in all the cities and have 1 week journey. The choice is yours.

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